Saturday, March 26, 2005

Getting Banned by Google - Epilogue

I wasn’t really going to produce a third part to “Getting banned by Google” but just a little very superficial research unearths so much human stupidity, that I can’t resist putting a little tail on this tale.

Searching for “getting banned” I found some references to the Traffic-Power (now incident that swept the less intelligent and proportionately more greedy parts of the Internet. Like a small hurricane, T-P's efforts left a number of banned sites in its wake.

Drilling down a little (“traffic power”) I stumbled on a forum with a lengthy thread on the subject of getting banned for utilising Traffic Power’s “SEO services”.

Scroll down a little until you see an entry by a Robert H. Harding, Jr [oh, dear]. Whilst the gene for common sense has yet to be found, Junior is living proof that it skips a generation. This is a lengthy entry, make sure you read it all: it’s worth your while.

The bottom line is: Junior is innocent and Google have no right to ban the poor victim of the bad con artists, Traffic Power.

Junior was threatening to sue Google over the ban. Good luck! I don’t mean this in the sense that I feel the big G. has too expensive lawyers to take to court but because Junior has no case. What Google puts in their index is their bloody business and no one else’s.

Junior opens his mouth and puts his foot in it. Instead of explaining, apologising, grovelling if need be, he starts insulting Google. Attack is definitely not the best defence.

Despite all that, their site is back in the index: proof that getting banned isn’t quite that easy but there’s plenty of folk that try their darnest and hardest to achieve just that much coveted prize…


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