Sunday, March 06, 2005

Google takes care of idiots too...

...was the intriguing title of an article by Alexis Dawes featured in SiteProNews a couple of weeks back. It illustrates one of the weirdest Search Engine marketing strategies I've come across for a while. Let me cut straight to the chase: go to Google and type in mobile pc repair. In #5 position (at the time of writing) you'll find a listing with the title - Service: mobile pc repair lowest price in .... Looking closer, you'll see that this is nothing but a free classified ad in the San Diego section of free classified pages!

Alexis, a self-proclaimed Search Engine luddite who's never got a ranking anywhere past #50 on his own pages (his words, not mine!), claims to get significant SE traffic using keyphrase rich free classifieds. In particular niche keywords are suitable for this method.

Does anyone else use this? Let us know!


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