Monday, March 14, 2005

Wise blogging with

Blogs are still one of the fastest growing types of Websites. Online “diaries”, aka Weblogs or blogs for short cover any topics under the sun, from acorns to z-car racing and more. Blogs are nothing more than specially formatted Websites and as Websites go, their owners, writers, ravers, ranters, soapbox orators etc want to get their site seen by the world.

One of the oldest and most viable ways of getting exposure to a site is to get it listed in several of the many, many Web directories. Considering the truly exponential growth of the blogging phenomenon it comes as no surprise that Web directories specifically aimed at blog sites have mushroomed. By now, there must be hundreds if not thousands of blogging directories (Google, at the time of writing returned about 1,500,000 results on “blog directories”), so if you have a blog, get submitting now!

A good place to go is This directory promised an estimated and somewhat discouraging 17 day time lapse between submission and inclusion (acceptance is subject to conditions) but they confirmed acceptance of our blog in under a week. Thank you,!


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