Friday, March 04, 2005

Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions

Yep, it's official: Overture (once is being renamed "Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions". It was always on the cards, I guess. Ever since the acquisition by Yahoo!, Overture underwent a number of changes, including the ill-fated SiteMatch program. I call it "ill-fated" but perhaps that's just a case sour grapes on my part: I admit it; SiteMatch didn't work for me at all. What a waste of money and all for the slightest trickle of traffic, mostly irrelevant as well! One of my sites got a #3 ranking under "a1-merchant-account", what's that all about? Ah, but "a1-merchant-account" appeared in the URL, you see... Plumber's logic it what it is.

Let's wish them well anyway...


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