Thursday, April 21, 2005

Demise of AllBusinessNews Newsletter

The once rather high-flying AllBusinessNews newsletter is no longer with us. This ezine must certainly have ranked in the top 50 most widely distributed newletters, at least in the Internet/SEO/ecommerce category. In an unusually candid statement the newsletter’s demise is blamed on waning interest. I quote:

Editorial Note: AllBusinessNews was launched by Jayde Online in 2003 and after 117 issues we decided to retire both the newsletter and the website. The decision was based on several factors the most important of which were waning reader interest and a scarcity of truly useful business articles.

But this is hardly world news, right? Right, but it does beg the question: if Jayde online can’t pull off running a newsletter what chance do small Webmasters have? With every man and his dog publishing an ezine, attention becomes very diluted and getting and maintaining readership not as easy as it might appear.

AllBusinessNews is now being replaced by the SEO-news newletter.


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