Wednesday, April 06, 2005

IPBlastomatic IP messaging ads

Using IP messaging to blast out junk ads to large numbers of unsuspecting recipients is nothing new. Personally I came across the first ads heralding this “revolutionary, spam free ad delivery method” some two years ago.

Frankly, from then on I was half expecting to see this become the next big major nuisance factor in Internet advertising but the idea doesn’t seem to have taken off all that much. I haven’t received a single ad yet [touch wood!] sent me a junk email reminding me that IP ad blasting is still around, so allow me to comment briefly.

The claim that IP broadcasting is spam free is true only in the purely technical sense. Indeed, CAN-SPAM doesn’t mention it, so IP message blasting is not illegal. But it’s certainly unsolicited [as well as highly annoying].

IP ads are also very limited in what they can carry. Hyperlinks e.g. are a no go. Here a made up example of what such an ad would look like.

IP ads are ideally suited to annoy large numbers of people. By broadcasting to a few hundred thousand of recipients, you may make a few sales but you’re likely to alienate far more people in return. Don’t do it.

If you're plagued by IP blasters then maybe this IP ads blocker may help.


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