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Once in a while you stumble over a story that’s simply a little more important than the Search Engine wars or the latest fart/burp by/about Google.

I came across a blog by Steve Sanchez called SpriritualRedemption. Steve tells the story of years of abuse by the hands of a religious cult, the Spiritual Rights Foundation (or SRF) and how he eventually broke free and started on the road to recovery. The sect is also known as the Academy for Psychic Studies and was led by the late “Reverend” Bill Duby.

I’m not going to rehash Steve’s story, he tells it well himself. Steve has written a book about his experiences and runs a Web site:, where the book is for sale online.

Suffice it to say Steve’s story is another illustration of what people are capable of in terms of inflicting pain on their brethren. To quote the old father of existentialism J.P.Sartre: “l’Enfer, c’est les autres” (Hell, that’s the others).


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Mike Kawahara said...

Steve's site is down but his blog is still up:

He has more information and feedback about the book there.

and another blog on the Spiritual Rights Foundation can be found at:


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