Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Google Bourbon Update Complete?

In a previous post I mentioned latest Google algo update, dubbed Bourbon, almost “in passing”. That was unfortunately a slight understatement.

According to Google’s “Chinese volunteer”, their spokesman dubbed Googleguy, this is one of the largest algo updates in Google’s history. To stop the search results from totally “quaking”, the update has been split into 3.5 updates. How much is 0.5 of an update? 0.03 more that 0.47 of an update, everybody knows that!

Apparently the whole thing is now nearing completion, some tongue waggings indicate it’s actually done and dusted.

And so we’ll all be able to enjoy Google’s fandabydosy, super-trooper new search results. New! Now without spam and more accurate that ever! [I wouldn’t hold my breath, if I was you].

But as usual with Google algo changes, nobody's given any thought to setting up extra AE centres to accomodate suicidal webmasters who've lost out in the ranking wars or have been driven bonkers by total lack of sleep over this trying period of time.

Anyway, here’s what Googleguy has to say about Bourbon.

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