Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Own Googlewhack!

In a previous post I made light of the so-called googlewack, even though I misspelled it.

Somewhat to my surprise, a recent post has generated a whole array of Googlewhacks in,, and an obscure Italian SE (Virgilio). No I’m not going to disclose the post, that would be telling.

You would think of a Googlewhack as a tiny and completely uninhabited island in the ocean of search results. But strangely enough, this particular Googlewhack has been driving Google traffic to the post in question, at a rate of 10 – 15 UVs per day, since the day it was indexed by the mighty G.

Of course that means had I managed to get a good position on another, related search term, traffic might have been quite a lot more abundant [every cloud...].

Here’s a good site about



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