Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Brian Walden and Civil Liberties

In a rather astonishing article published on the BBC site, Brian Walden gives his unsavoury version of why civil liberties should basically be cancelled, in the name of anti-terrorism.

Just a few gems:

Thursday's attempted attacks it emerged that the terrorists who bombed London on 7 July weren't from a foreign country. They were home-grown, having been born and raised in Britain. And their message of hate is just as intense, though the grounds for it are obscure.

Yes, Prime Minister, we really can’t think why they would do these nasty, nasty things to us.

Alzheimers springs to mind… Perhaps a mercy shoot-to-kill could be a cure? Or a shoot first, ask questions about this bonkers article later. Mr Walden won't mind as he clearly has no need for civil rights.

The whole Middle East should be destabilised, because the only hope the Muslims have is democracy. Until the people are given a free choice in a fair election, nothing will come right.

This doesn’t even really sound like English. Who needs terrorists when we have bird brains like Brian?



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