Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gang of Four in Denial...

Mr Blair continues his mantra that the terrorist attacks on London aren’t related to that masterpiece of Blairite policies, the war in Iraq. (Watch the video!)

The root causes are elsewhere, he maintains. Elsewhere presumably means the moon or some other far away place.

Straw et al dutifully echo this with grave faces (trying not to burst into laughter isn’t always easy). Clarke simply looks utterly bored with the whole thing.

Currently we’re being “governed” by a junta style bunch of pathological liars.

What’s more worrying is the BBC’s hopelessly lackyfied style of reporting on all of this. On Newsnight yesterday, this particular crony started nodding in agreement before the usual suspects had even opened their mouths!

As regards the opposition, we haven’t got one. Lots of grave faced murmuring about “measured response”, “consensus”, blah, blah. Not a word of criticism. Charles Kennedy now really looks like the troll he actually is.



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