Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bill Orally goes oral...

Flipping over to the greatest accidental comedian on US satellight "news", Bill O'Reilly, Bills-O's latest contribution to the Culture Flaps was shown in a link with the text anchor Student paper runs "how to perform oral sex" column. Bill's bone of contention (pardon the pun) is a funny, yet informative little guide for campus freshmen on how to pleasure women orally. Here's a short clip:
Aurora’s guide to eating out

Listen up, freshmen: the rumors are true. You may, in fact, actually get laid in college. And if casual, inebriated encounters are what you’re after, thank your lucky stars you were rejected from your first choice school. I’m kidding, of course. But don’t cream your pants just yet, and I say this with tender empathy: you’re still a total novice and awkward as f*ck.

And thus I asked my female friends who sleep with women what advice they had to share with the new Dartmouth freshmen, and I proudly offer you a crash course from true cuntoisseurs. I warmly invite you, the Class of 2011, to dig in…

Locale? It’s all good in the hood.

C'nued here

Two questions really spring to mind. How did Bill-O learn how to pleasure women orally or is that sexual practice considered too liberal au maison O'Reilly?

And do Conservatives really care about this non-issue?

And does Bill-O realise he's given this guide massive exposure by linking to it? Bill, the Dartmouth freshmen thank you...

Ooops, that was four questions...

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