Monday, October 22, 2007

Florida fall-out

All-in-all, the Florida Republican candidates debate struck me more as a pissing contest to determine who exactly is the mostest Conservative of the lot, laced with generous helpings of Hillary-bashing. Not a great deal to get one's teeth into.

Here's a few blogs on Florida.

Geurilla Women TN:
Wow. I've never seen anything like it. Eight raging hormonal white men savaging one Democratic woman.

Some Republicans might want to call this a presidential debate, I call it the eruption of a whole lot of anxious white male fear and loathing of a woman in line to take charge.

This was one rabidly he-man affair. And the seething Republican crowd was right there with them.

Mitt Romney said, "I don’t want her as Commander-in-Chief," cuz she's a girl.

With all this "Commander in Chief" business, a Martian would easily be led to believe the US is led by a Military Junta...

The Fox News Republican Presidential debate in Orlando Florida revealed that the GOP nomination is still up for grabs. According to Fox News Viewers text voting after the debate, Ron Paul won with 34%, Huckabee came in second with 27%, and Giuliani third with 11%.

The Republican debate also revealed that the Republican contenders think America is going bankrupt if spending policies are not changed...Ron Paul said “the founders advised non interventionism, the war is spreading, the war is likely to spread into Iran. We don’t need to go looking for trouble; we don’t need another cold war”. Paul was referring to increased tensions with Russia.

Ron Paul won???

The Carpet Bagger Report:
The debate was filled with head-shaking moments like these. Duncan Hunter said Dems aren’t trustworthy on national security because of the Bay of Pigs in 1961. Fred Thompson made fun of Ted Kennedy’s weight. At one point, Romney said, “All of us here are Republicans…but it’s essential that the strength of the house Ronald Reagan built is going to lead us.” A few minutes later, he added, “All of us on the stage are Republican, but the question is, who will be able to build the house that Ronald Reagan built” — apparently unaware that he’d already said the exact same thing a couple of minutes earlier.

Watching the entire event, one is filled with more than just dread. One sits there thinking, “What is wrong with these people?”

CBS News:
BlogRush advertCBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer compared current barbs by Republicans at Clinton to Democrats who attacked former president Hebert Hoover decades after he left office.

"Franklin Roosevelt started running against Herbert Hoover in 1932, and three decades later Democrats were still running against Herbert Hoover," Schieffer said on CBS News' The Early Show. "I think for the Republicans, Hillary Clinton has become the new Herbert Hoover."

"They all want to run against Hillary Clinton. They accused each other of being like Hillary Clinton," Schieffer added. "I came away from this debate wondering, 'What would they do without her?' "

Throughout the duration of "Presidency IV," the weekend fundraiser and convention that culminated in Sunday night's debate, mentions of Clinton drew a strong response from the Florida Republican Party faithful.

"We must ensure that we support our nominee with every ounce of energy each one of us possess," said Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer at a luncheon Saturday. "If not, ladies and gentlemen, we shall watch Hillary Rodham Clinton sworn in on the Capitol steps as the next commander in chief of our United States Armed Forces."

The audience booed loudly at that prospect.

"This is a scene that our nation cannot afford to witness," said Greer.



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