Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gore wins Nobel: Repugs throw fit

Hearing the news last night that Al Gore had become the latest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize I knew getting a bit of material for my next blog post wasn't going to be too difficult. For reasons largely obscured from my view, Gore clearly is the man American Republicans love to hate. And so I didn't have to look very far to find a few really obnoxious denouncers.

This here GayPatriot (gay parrot, more like) pulls an Osama bin Laden quote and briefly pretends it's a Gore quote. Our pink sage concludes: "It is so hard to distinguish anti-Americanism these days". It's soooooo hard. It's really throbbing-gristle-hard, that's how hard it is.

Moonage has this little gem:

Pandering to the latest craze with glitz and high-production costs usually gets the headlines. The Nobel committee are no different. The award named for the man that has led to more man-made deaths on Earth going to a man for making an obviously flawed movie recommending man do things that will lead to even more man-made deaths than probably Nobel sounds about right for this committee. It’s peace prize has rewarded people who have inflicted mass man-made deaths in the past. So, as they ignored the situation in Germany in 1939, they are now ignoring the problems Al Gore is causing in 2007.

So Gore is now also a potential (if not de facto) mass-murderer? See also that pernicious connection to the Loony Right's latest obsession: appeasement...

Secular Blasphemy simply goes with "The Nobel Peace Prize for dummies".

Funny also how the Left is often being accused of obsessing over Israel while on quite a few of these anti-Gore rags they can't mention Arafat quickly enough. This here girl fancies herself a bit as that woman in Terminator II and has this bit of nincompoopery:
So much for that Nobel Peace prize. And John Bambenek points out…all “Peace Prizes” are supposedly because people are ‘against war’ and ‘promoting peace’; an incredibly leftist point of view when you consider that Hitler was a peacenik, and Jimmy Carter won it in 2002 and he hates Jews (just like Hitler and the arab Islamofascists he coddles), as well as their buddy the late Yasser Arafat who was awarded that “prize”, too. Speaking of terrorists, they ought to award it to Paul Murdoch; surely he’s considered a peacenik who’s extending an olive branch to Islamofascists like Arafat with that crescent design with the box cutter/Islamic Sundial/minaret on it. If you’re going to award the “peace prize” to a terrorist like Arafat, then Paul Murdoch who is determined to memorialize the Al Qaeda hijackers of Flight 93 on the crash site in Pennsylvania should be up for that award, too.

Twilight something has cracked global warming with a glass and an ice cube:
As for polar icecaps melting and flooding the land, not only is it not going to happen, but can’t. Take a drinking glass. Put ice in it. Fill it to the brim with water. The ice will be above the brim, floating as does the polar icecap. Now, let the ice melt. The glass does not overflow. This is elementary grade-school stuff. However, idiots and the ignorant listen to doom-and-gloomers like Al Gore.

Stoooopid doom-and-gloomers!

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OpEdNews have a little spoof on it all:
George W. Bush is the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for War. The announcement made by the great-great-great grandson of the Prussian military strategist Carl Phillip Gottfried von Clausewitz, was greeted by jubilation in the White House Bunker. Previous recipients have included Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Benedict Arnold, General George Armstrong Custer, Napoleon, Mussolini, and the character known as Dr. Strangelove.

The prize, including 250,000 rounds of ammo, will be jointly shared by Bush and the private mercenary firm of Blackwater USA. In announcing their decision the Nobel War Prize committee cited the contribution Bush and Blackwater have made to “capitalize on the fog of war to defeat domestic enemies as a prelude to total war.”


In winning the prize, Bush once again stole the limelight from former Vice-President Al Gore who earlier won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in educating the public about global warming. Bush was disdainful of his rival, quoting Orwell’s axiom, “War is Peace,” to buttress his conviction that that the decisions he has made as president – to ignore global warming, scrap the Geneva Conventions, to take the week off during Katrina, and spend billions rebuilding Iraq rather than waste the money at home on pork barrel projects – have been the right ones for the country.

Speaking before audience of foreign policy experts, including Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Michele Malkin, Vice-president Dick Cheney argued that his boss’s award vindicated the administration’s war mongering philosophy. Quoting Machiavelli the VP said, “War can only be postponed to the advantage of others.” “We must strike while the iron is hot,” he continued. “Today we are liberating Iraq, tomorrow the world.”


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