Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kate Obenshain does my head in...

Shox Noise is increasingly relying on that woman, Kate Obenshain, for "contributions". G-d, deliver us from the Kate Obenshains of this world: that whiny voice, that faked politeness, the non-talking points, it's all there. Below, Kate at her worst and where she really did bite the dust on Shammity & Colmes:

BraveNewFilms has some analysis, for what it's worth...

Dear me, is that what American patriotism has come to? To pin or not to pin? That we have to be "treated" to 6 minutes of smearing because a presidential wannabe feels more like taking action than wearing a stupid lapel badge? Next Kate and her despicable ilk will propose a law making not wearing the pin "un-American".

NewsHounds had this:
Obenshain has to be one of the worst Republican spokespeople on television (so I hope they keep booking her and booking her often). She was clearly struggling with ways to tarnish Obama for not wearing the lapel pin. So she came up with the ludicrous claim, “It matters to our troops who are in harm’s way.”

Ferraro said, “Get real. It’s ridiculous.”

Obenshain switched attacks. She said, “People already have some serious questions about Barack Obama on foreign policy.”

“Who?” Colmes asked. “Who does?”

She couldn’t answer. “A lot of Americans!” she said, fatuously.

As Ferraro continued to refuse to allow Obenshain to question Obama’s patriotism, Obenshain grew obviously frustrated at her inability to throw her flames. “You’re being a little rude tonight!” she squeaked.

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At 5:07 AM, Blogger Frank Partisan said...

I think both of us have crossed paths with that type before, and we will again.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Make no mistake about it!

At 3:24 PM, Blogger usedandabused said...

Well, I bet I know where she developed that high pitched squawk....debating again with no real content, with her estranged husband who I've had the "pleasure"?????? of dating durring the nasty divorce battle. He got what he wanted and she's still searching for hers.....I don't know which direction I want to run from faster....I'm gonna write a book.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Firsthand said...

Well it's certainly easy to "throw stones at someones back". I just had the pleasure of reading all the un-truths in the Griffin vs. Griffin December 29, 2009 appeal document. I didn't even get an invite to the BIG SHOW. I also want to clarify the nasty way my presence was depicted in the "overnight" stays with the children, simply that Griffin was to cheap to get more than one room even at my request and the children requested that I stay with them. I also couldn't help notice that "Kim would not allow the mother to call, stating that the judge ordered the call times" should truthfully be stated that the "call request" came at 1:30 AM requesting the oldest to wake the youngest child up after driving (on Vacation trip)nine hours straight, the oldest even tipping his hand to his mouth depicting the caller was drinking. Furthermore, I am not an attorney therefore when I suggested that "We could take a break" from dating to the party in question. It was told to me that he was legally separated and that the petitioner had already had an elicit affair with (oh, yea that part is sealed) politics, politics, politics, ....what to do? I also couldn't help notice that Weisenborn (the ad litem) didn't add that the children when asked stated "love you" and that they're lucky to have you in this trying time. Or, that one of them ran away from the grandmothers one summer day and ran to me at another location, passing the mother's house and no one even noticed for over an hour. (Yes, I called the mother, and grandmother's and had to leave a message as to his whereabouts) Now, I could sit here all day and sling mud but personally I have better things to do. I will add that I am not perfect either and am unquestionably sorting through the mess left in the wake of knowing these individuals. But, I take peace in knowing that I won't have to live a lifetime of living that H*$$ on earth.


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