Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barack Obabykiller? FAQ: infanticide


The Democratic nominee claims another victim.

The Huffington Post reports that the next trick up McCain's sleeve is to accuse Barack Obama of "infanticide." Deal Hudson (real name) is one of 80 people on McCain's Catholic advisory board. Because of Obama's "no" vote on a partial birth abortion bill while a state senator in Illinois, Hudson likes to say things like this on his website:
Infanticide is becoming a touchy subject for Barack Obama.

(Fun fact: Hudson previously resigned from the Bush-Cheney campaign for allegedly getting an 18-year-old former student of his drunk and having sex with her.)

Does Deal Hudson even know what infanticide is? And for that matter, do you? Read our FAQ.

Why is Barack Obama being accused of Infanticide? Isn't that the stuff a Guatemalan sprays on my lawn?

No, that's pesticide. Infanticide is the killing of babies.

Oh, like abortion?

Um, hello, Pat Buchanan! No. Abortion is when you terminate a fetus you don't want, and infanticide is when you kill a baby that you did want.

Ahhh. Isn't that what China does to girl babies?


My God! Barack Obama is killing Chinese babies?

No. A Catholic advisor to John McCain is calling Barack Obama an "infanticider" because, as a state legislator, he voted "no" when Illinois tried to pass the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act."

What? Barack Obama doesn't want to protect infants who are born alive? What kind of freak is he?

Well, that bill was loaded down with other sketchy stuff like a stipulation that would allow doctors to be prosecuted. It was badly written, and even criticized by conservatives, and that's why he didn't vote for it.

So Barack Obama does NOT want to kill my baby?

As far as I know.

Hmm. Would Barack Obama at least take my baby for the weekend so I could get some goddamn sleep?

Probably not.


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Infanticide is certainly a serious issue and I think Obama should be careful while dealing with it.

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funny stuff and well written.


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