Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Over 10 minutes of US airtime spent on the Occupation!

Another crack in the US media wall? In the mainstream program 60 minutes on CBS, Bob Simon, who is Jewish living outside Tel-Aviv and producer Robert G. Anderson, spent just over 10 minutes on the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank. The item was called:

Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution? (Wait for the stop-smoking commercial to pass)

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After a bit of ubiquitous hagiographic nonsense about The One, the item hits the spot right away and Reporter Bob Simon looks and sounds positively bemused in parts. Features a Palestinian family in Nablus whose house regularly gets occupied by armed Israeli soldiers (from the inside!), some Palestinian untermenschen building homes for their Jewish Lords and Masters and a Jewish settler determined to maintain the Occupation and settle all of the Palestinian land in the West Bank, by Divine order [cough!]. Bonus: it gets Kafkaesque when Simon finds himself talking to an army commander who can't talk to him. At the end of the item, la Livni reassures us that everything will be hunky dory because "Israel is a state of law and order". You don't say, luv!

Wait! Don't go! Send CBS a Thank you! note for airing this item via the Gaza Justice Action Center. Less than 2 minutes of your time, just fill in the form and press 'send'!


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