Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Fuck Livni: Turn ME into parking lot

From Ha'aretz

LivniLivni: Obama can use Gaza op success to alter Mideast reality

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said on Monday that United States President Barack Obama could use Israel's success in its recent offensive against Hamas to change the reality in the Middle East.

"The IDF operation in Gaza can and must serve as a turning point, not only restoring calm to the residents of the south, but also strengthening the regional processes which both Israel and the U.S. seek to advance," Livni told James Cunningham, the U.S. ambassador to Israel.

This must be the plan where the US/Israel, with the overwhelming use of force level whatever resistance to the Occupation there might be left, inside or outside of Palestine, deterring neighbouring states into "moderation" (read: 'subjugation to Israel and the Quartet') to prepare for their final assault on Iran, right? Notice also how a new Israulspeak-type euphemism is being rolled out: 'changing reality'...
In the meeting with Cunningham, Livni added: "The operation created a strategic change in the status of Hamas and the extremist forces, and can serve as a stimulus for the new [U.S.] administration and the international community to change the reality."

She said that Israel made it clear that "we will not return to the status quo which prevailed prior to the IDF operation, and that we must take advantage of Hamas's weakness and work together to create opportunities that will strengthen the moderate forces in the region."

Yep, thought so. You really have to wonder what Mitchell, heralded as the new diplomatic hope for the ME, thinks about all this...

What a shame in many respects that "the reality" of the Middle East has already "been changed": when Israel was created, that is...


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