Monday, January 05, 2009

Those charming Israel supporters...

No, they're not all like this fellow below, far, far from it. But Right Wing supporters of Israel have a reputation for seriously bad Internet behaviour, from trolling, extremely foul language, calling every opponent a 'Jew-hater', 'self-loather', self-hating Jew', to blog spamming and worse besides that. Another quick look in Google's Blog Search (beta) for "Gaza" and right at the top I found this little cesspit:

(You'll have to cut and paste it into your browser address bar, I'm not linking to this guy).

Right from the off, he gets stuck in, on human beings and empty pizza boxes:
Israelis are by and large human beings. Palestinians, exempting the 20% that do not support the tactics of Hamas, are savage barbarians.
It is time for human beings to triumph over the savages.
For those wondering why I have chosen to devalue the lives of people, it is because they have devalued their own lives. Any culture that endorses and promotes suicide bombings has violated the requirement necessary to be a member of the human species. The human culture is a culture that values human life.
80% of Palestinians have decided for whatever inexcusable and insufficient reason that human life does not matter. Therefore, those 80% no longer matter. They can be discarded as an afterthought the same way that one throws out an empty pizza box.

There are no “occupied” territories. “There are DISPUTED territories. Israel owns the land that it won in the 1967 War. They are building houses on their own land. This bothers some squatters whose only claim is that they try to steal it and reproduce like bunny rabbits, if bunnies were genocidal.

That ties in rather well with "whatever inexcusable and insufficient reason" from above.
Some criticize Israel for suspending humanitarian aid. There is no humanitarian aid. Moneys delivered over the years have been used to purchase weapons. This is why the Palestinians are the most armed and least well fed people in the Middle East.
As for demolishing houses, Israel for some naive reason actually warns civilians to leave their homes before any invasion. They start out by dropping leaflets warning of the incursions. What other civilization in the middle of a war warns the other side of attacks. Israel goes out of its way to reduce civilian casualties.
I hate this policy because it does not work. Israel needs to learn that it will never get an ounce of good will from much of the world. Palestinians murder Jews, and Israelis demolish empty houses. Talk about a disproportionate response.

Sigh. What to say? "Crackpots of the world, unite!" perhaps? And please create a homeland of your own, far away from those trying to maintain sanity. You could call it Idiotia... or Crapolia...


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