Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Those lovely pro-war American Jews

Meanwhile, some more news from Gaza (below). This will be nothing compared to the aftermath of the 'conflict' (let it come quick). Jeera's live reporting from Gaza shows the past couple of days to have been the most intense of the entire episode: more and heavier bombardments, extensive use of white phosphorus munitions, more ground troops amassing at the perifery (?) of Gaza City.

G-d only knows what foreign correspondents will find there once they'll be allowed (?) into the rubble, post-op. A toxic mix of pulverised building materials, decaying bodies, phosphorus pentoxide (the product of phosphorus combustion), magnesium oxide (from field illuminating flares), possibly mixed in with tungsten alloys (from DIME munitions) and depleted uranium (from tank shells and other munitions)? Dante's umpteenth inner circle of hell?


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