Monday, March 23, 2009

George Galloway banned from Canada: Canadian JDL wades in

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A British MP and outspoken anti-war activist, George Galloway has been refused entry to Canada by our wonderful Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. Galloway responded by stating that “That’s the way the right-wing, last-ditch dead-enders of Bushism in Ottawa conduct their business,” describing Jason Kenney as a “gay-baiter, gung-ho armchair warrior, with an odd habit of exceeding his immigration brief.”


It would appear that this Galloway-ban was set in motion by the Canadian Jewish Defence League. Watch the ensuing debate between a JDL Leader Meir Weinstein and Galloway:

Weinstein recently raised a few eyebrows by joining a Facebook group "Death to Arabs." Nice.

The Kenney rep on the phone you heard there was Alykhan Velshi, who appears to dive head-first into the Manichean "you're-either-with-us-or-against-us" of George W. Bush (and I found it on the website of the National Review! Holy William-F-Buckley, Batman!). Just in case Velshi ever reads this: I think you're a tad odious, yourself.

A few fascinating points about this interview:

- It takes Weinstein less than 2 minutes to bring up Hitler, Nazis and the death of 6 million Jews, making a strong case for Godwin's Law.

- Weinstein's depiction of Hamas as fanatical, hell-bent on the destruction of Israel, etc etc, is grossly incorrect, given the fact that Hamas has publicly statedrecognize Israel along 1967 borders. that it would

- Weistein's rationale for banning Galloway: Canada says Hamas is a terrorist organization, therefore Galloway giving aid to Hamas makes him a threat to national security. Canadian NGOs have given aid to Hamas- yet for some reason they aren't threats to national security. Hmmm... all this relies on the Canadian government's assessment of Hamas being accurate, which would also assume that our government is not staffed by ignorant dolts.

- Check out Weinstein depicting anti-war church groups as targets with "links to terror groups" and randomly imply that they are Iranian proxies! Funnily enough, the JDL has its own ties to terror, and Weinstein was a spokesperson for Kach in 1994, which is considered a terrorist organization by Canada.

Last but not least, some facts to sum things up:

George W. Bush, responsible for anywhere from 99,000 to a million Iraqi deaths:

Welcomed into Canada.

George Galloway, whose activist work aims to prevent war around the world:

Denied entry into Canada.


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