Saturday, April 11, 2009

The anti-people...

No, this post is not about some people that are against other people (although there is that too) but about a small group that call themselves the Women in Green and whose aim is to "keep" an abandoned army base in Shdema "Jewish". Watch the video first.

I struggle with disliking understanding these people because in essence they're likable: enthusiastic, well-mannered, determined, idealistic, clean, loving - what's not to like?

But their world is an inverted world, in which native 'Arabs construct illegal settlements', the 'Israeli Government ties the hands of Jewish settlers', the occupation of the WB in '1967 was the liberation of Judea and Samaria' and Palestinian resistance is another 'manifestation of Global Jihad' and 'the clash of civilisations' (to underscore that point the Wicked Witch of the J'sem Post (Caroline Glick) shows up too).

Notice early on how they're being given a little helping hand by the AOF.

And this is my struggle: how to condemn people that clearly have got it all so completely wrong (but in their world completely right, of course) while having to accept that, in their minds at least, their intentions are pure?

I have to draw an analogy with particle physics, a world in which each subatomic particle has an anti-matter equivalent. An electron has a small mass and a fundamental unit of negative electrical charge and its anti-matter analog, the positron, has the same mass (but in anti-matter) and the same electrical charge but positive. When the two meet, both are annihilated, leaving behind pure energy (but no matter or anti-matter).

There's no point in 'disliking' the positron: it's the same as the electron... but anti.

This is the best I can come up with to describe the people from Women in Green and their sympathisers: as anti-people. There's no point in disliking them: they're the same as me but along the lines the mass/anti-mass symmetry. Perhaps one day I'll meet one and we'll both go up in a flash of pure energy...


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