Monday, April 13, 2009

Hamdan: Hamas never was a detriment to Egypt's national security


Osama Hamdan [right], the Hamas representative in Lebanon, categorically denied the presence of tension in relations with Egypt because of what has been known as the Hizbullah cell, asserting that the Hamas Movement has never been a detriment to the Egyptian national security.

Hamdan told the Quds press news agency that Hamas is a resistance movement whose only task is to rout the Israeli occupation and liberate Palestine, highlighting that Egyptian security is part of this task's requirements.

The Hamas official underscored that the only party that undermines the national security of Egypt is the Israeli occupation and Egypt knows that well, recalling that slain Palestinian interior minister Sa'eed Siyam had unveiled a gang that were involved in bombings in Sinai.

In the same context, the Hamas Movement expressed dismay and shock at the smear campaign waged by some Egyptian media outlets against it, considering that the involvement of its name in the issue of Hizbullah cell is aimed at pressuring it to change its political positions.

In a press release received by the Palestinian information Center, Hamas stressed that supplying the Palestinian resistance in Gaza with weapons is not a crime, but rather it is an honor as long as there is occupation and ongoing aggression on the Palestinian people and their holy places.


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