Saturday, April 18, 2009

Terry Glavin censors comments...

I have to get this off my chest, but I'll try to keep it short.

It's very rare for any of my comments to get deleted and I've only had this happen when commenting on extremist, ultra Far Right blogs. Which made getting deleted by an alleged centre Leftist an altogether more puzzling experience...

So who's Terry Glavin? Glavin's a Canadian writer, journalist and blogger (and signatory to the Euseless Manifestette) who recently shot to microfame by means of l'affaire Galloway, i.e. the latter being banned from Canada on 'security [cough!] grounds'. Terry spun a sophist's tale, along the lines of 'actually, Galloway was never banned; he just chose not to try and enter Canada'. Which is like saying that a black man who does not to enter a shop that has a 'No Blacks' sign wasn't effectively banned, he just 'chose not to enter'.

Terry believes Galloway's a fascist and opposes his trips to Gaza (Viva Palestina) on the grounds that Galloway supports a 'death cult' (Hamas). Never mind the fact that Galloway at every possible public event (as well as on his weekly TV shows 'Comment' and 'The Real Deal') clearly states that he doesn't support Hamas, that he wouldn't have voted for them (if he was Palestinian) but that there was no one else to hand over the Viva Palestina aid to.

Terry's piece of sophistry regarding the Canadian ban of Galloway went viral in the British Eustonite blogosphere, which is how I got to know about it and Terry's existence.

Cutting to the chase, here's the thread where Terry Glavin censored me.

I have the complete thread (deletions included) by means of cascaded email notifications (proof provided to anyone who asks politely).

The 9.05 AM comment of mine that was deleted read as follows:

Nice of the US et al to "pledge" millions worth of aid but it seems on the spending side all is not kosher:

Which explains why Clinton warned Israel against obstructing the flow of aid:

"US warns Israel about not allowing aid and pasta into Gaza. Sanctions to follow?"


Israel continues to block humanitarian aid from entering Gaza (April 15)

But thank the Lawd that US financial support for project Israel still reaches the Zionists unimpeded. By the billion... All to fight the 'death cult'.

And my response to "Vildechaye" at 12.44 PM was as follows:


"I find it more flabbergasting that anyone on the Left can support clerical fascism a la Hamas and Hezbollah"

Destroy both. Obliterate them. Kill or imprison each and every one of them. You have my blessing. Now we'll have peace, yes?

Of course not. If Israel wanted peace it would have stopped settlement activity a long, long time ago. Does settlement activity in any way, shape or form increase Israel's security? Of course not. So why does she do it? Because Israel hates Palestinians? No. BECAUSE, it wants to colonise all of Palestine, or at least as much as it can possibly get away with.

Of course there is no power differential at play here: the fact that Israel
has enough power/military might to do whatever she pleases has nothing to do with the fact she can colonise to her hearts content, right? Vildechai, if the Palestinians had less than a fifth of Israeli military capability, this conflict would have been over decades ago: it would have ended in a stalemate, mutual recognition and Israel along pre-1967 borders.

BTW, I'm not a Hamas or Hesbollah supporter, contrary to your hasty conclusions.

People like you love to forget that Hamas is a relatively recent player in this conflict and that the PLO recognised Israel and renounced violence. What did they get in return for that?

"But hey, you actually no a Jew who disagrees with the ban, so everything you say must be true."

Straw man. I used the Canadian Jewess and Mr Weinstein merely as examples. Do you deny that Canadian Zionists must be mightily pleased that such a well-known adversary of Zionism was barred from Canada? Do you really believe that such decisions are taken in a political void?

And BTW, there were plenty of Canadian Jewish protests at Israel's actions against Gaza too...

Watch this being deleted too.

I'm asking anyone, regardless of where they stand on the I-P quagmire: were these comments offensive or off-topic? Were they 'grafitti'? Do they 'lower the tone' (he asserted that in another one of his own 'no soup for you' comments, which he later deleted)? And what's with the soup?

Worth noting also that commenter "Vildechaye" (who is blogless, but I did slightly misspell his handle in my response) had in an earlier thread of Terry (another tirade against Galloway) urged him to delete my comments 'because he [me] is dangerously off the rails'. To his credit, at that time Terry declined the invitation and left the comments in place. Not so this time...

Terry Glavin is an unashamed Israel-Firster, positively obsessed with anti-Semitism (to a point where I assume there's a case of Semitophilia in there) and that's the only reason why he deleted these comments. 'No dissent please, I support Israel until Kingdom Comes'.

For a signatory to a Manifesto that claims: "But we are not zealots. For we embrace also the values of free enquiry, open dialogue and creative doubt, of care in judgement and a sense of the intractabilities of the world. We stand against all claims to a total — unquestionable or unquestioning — truth.", that (your deleting my bona fide comments) Terry, that is a bit rich.

So I'll only say this once, Terry: fuck you!


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