Friday, May 22, 2009

When Zionist religio-fascists cosy up to anti-Semites...

In the video below, Max Blumenthal almost seamlessly pans between the Balata refugee camp (Nablus), the main settlement bloc Ariel and John Hagee. The link? Ariel's luxurious gym was donated by John Hagee's anti-Semitic Christian Zionist movement.

Apart from the fact that Hagee believes the anti-Christ will be a half-Jewish homosexual and that when Armageddon (Megiddo - a real place in the Usurper State modern Israel) comes and the second coming of Jesus materialises, Jews will have to convert or burn forever (in Hagee's scenario, the coming of a Jewish Messiah (Mashiach) is inconceivable - as it is for me, albeit for different reasons), Hagee is quite a hero with the Israel Lobby.

There used to be a great YouTube video showing Hagee thunderously addressing AIPAC to rapturous applause (these people really know no shame) but it got taken down due to a copyright issue [cough!]. A trace of the Hagee - AIPAC story can be found here. In the absence of the real thing, here's Hagee on the Two State solution:


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