Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I had been Binyamin Netanyahu…

... is the title of Alex Stein's latest Falsedi post. If you're heavily into the Two Sate solution (personally I'm seriously in two minds about that, but the decision to accept partitioning ultimately lies with the Palestinians), this should really be your ticket. As far as a speech made by a living Israeli PM would go, this would have been more groundbreaking than both Obama's Turkey and Cairo speeches combined. It's rather a pleasure to read and quite compelling in terms of arguments, at least from a Two Stater perspective. Do read it.

Alex also had the piece crossposted at
Harry's Place, under the auspices of contributor 'Your View'. And this is where the hilarity/tragedy starts: in the comment section.

Previous 'centrist Zionist' pieces of Alex posted at HP didn't exactly get that friendly a reaction either but this one appears to have taken the biscuit in terms of virulently opposing views. I don't even really know where to start, considering the Ziopotters this time really did exceed themselves in throwing up bile.

A mixture of Naqba denial, 'the Palis don't really exist', plain old ad hominem insults and virtually not a shred of support for Alex' words (with the exception of commenter Gabriel) is the only way to describe the Potters' reaction to this alternative speech.

I hate to say this (to Alex) but if these commenters are the face of modern Zionism then the movement is in trouble. More centrist (for want of a better term) Zionists may dispute how representative the Ziopotters are of the entire movement but much of these comments chime in with ultra-Zio comments made on Ha'aretz (for instance), IMHO.

In another one of David T.'s posts on I-P I brought up From Time Immemorial and got laughed at. Funny that, Mrs Peters' spirit seems alive and well among some of these people...

One priceless bit from IsraeliNurse (who also posts at Mad Mel Phlips - The Spectator):

"I hope so Alex -not for political reasons, but because the secret to successful absorption into Israeli society -which is what I wish you - is to be able to gradually cast off what one was before and to begin to think not like an Englishman living in Israel, but like an Israeli."

You haven't been indoctrinated enough Alex, that's your problem! Lower your Londini resistance and successful absorption into New Israel will be your reward. You'll be talking like the next Benjamin Yahoo in no time! No more silly speeches anymore, just plain old Iron Wall!


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