Friday, July 31, 2009

Mad Mel Philps on Racism...

There's no end to Mel's Madness or flippancy, who considers the British 'anti-Semitic hellhole' the modern equivalent of the Weimar Republic and rants against 'multiculturalism', now she had this to say about American racism and reactions to it [my emph.]:

America’s neuralgic conscience over its historic racism, the monstrously unjust over-reaction to that racism, and the election of a President who supposedly embodied, in both his identity and his approach, a post-racial New Man and an absolution for past national sins.

Yes, dear Darkies, a monstrously unjust over-reaction to our minor 'Judeo-Christian' transgressions, precisely. And when are you going to get off your lazy backsides and join the far More Worthy Cause of the fight against Rampant British Anti-Semitism, huh?

Current Holocaust Alert Status: AMBER, you know???


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

Are you sure this woman isn't some kind of British version of Stephen Colbert? The line about the "over-reaction" to slavery sounds like it came from a comedy writer trying to sound as outrageous as possible.

Nothing particularly Judeo-Christian about racism and slavery, though. Unfortunately, these are quite universal across all religions.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Gert said...

I'm afraid she'll all too serious. Read the first link for deeper view of her and her opinions.

As regards the reference to 'Judeo-Christian', you're right but few forms of racism have been able to develop so prolifically as White-on-Other, due to Imperialism and colonialism.

Also, Mrs Phillips is a British Jew and thus should know better than to rant against 'multiculturalism'. But by declaring (rather unilaterally) that Britain is a 'Judeo-Christian' society, Mel can tell us with a straight face that she's part of the 'majority'. No prizes for guessing who, in this scenario, becomes the new 'Other'...


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