Monday, July 13, 2009

Viva Palestina Convoy blocked (again)...

Plus ca change...

From a subscription email:

Khury [a convoy driver] described the dilemma facing the mission clearly: "After hours of sitting on the Peace Bridge with medical supplies that could spoil, I realized something. In a rational world, a convoy like ours bringing aid to people who desperately need it would be welcomed. There are powerful people in this world who would rather we not succeed, but we have the power to stop them.'

As Kevin Ovenden, the Viva Palestina tour coordinator, declared with confidence back in New York City at the send-off event held at House of the Lord Church:

We are going to go to Al Arish, we are going to the Rafah crossing, we are going to go through that crossing. Those who might like to stop us have to bear this in mind. Do they want to stand against this? That we will be handing over wheelchairs and walkers to people who have been left amputated from the bombing in December/January. That we will be handing crayons to children, taking messages from children in Chicago to children in a refugee camp in Khan Younis.


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