Monday, August 03, 2009

Hanoun Family evicted from East J'sem Home

I must have watched this heart-wrenching segment on AlJazeera several times with growing disbelief (despite the fate of the Hanoun family having previously been widely publicised already) last night.

After it (not shown in the clip) a rather thuggish looking such-and-such-a-body from the Jerusalem Municipality came out to explain this was all really much ado about nothing: J'sem is now an undivided city and Jews and Arabs alike have the right to live wherever they want. If true, will someone please explain to me why the Jewish settlers that now occupy the Hanoun's house had to choose a building where the Hanouns had been living for sixty years (and having the deeds to prove it too) and not somewhere else to their liking?

I hate to invoke the Nazi analogy but this is thuggery and Naziesque behaviour and a firm middle finger to Obama, Mitchell and the rest of the condemning world... Israel, shame, shame, shame on you, once again...

Update: More on the evictions here:


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