Saturday, September 05, 2009

Norman Podhoretz: still crazy after all those years...

Watching the US Conservative movement descent into 'bizarre cult' status, I found that the NYT had some questions about Obama for arch-neocon Norman Podhoretz (condensed interview):

What you’re overlooking is that many American Jews on the left are passionately pro-Israel.
It’s true that many American Jews on the left are pro-Israel, but this isn’t true of the left in general. The ideology of the left, in the last 50 years roughly, has represented the Palestinians as a kind of dark-skinned oppressed people like the blacks in this country. Obama believes that.

You mean that the Palestinians are oppressed by Jewish settlements?
It’s a crazy idea, but the Palestinians have been identified with the putative victims of European colonialism. Obama has now returned to the old idea that Israel is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

A "crazy" idea... the "old" idea...

H/T Angry Arab.


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