Monday, October 19, 2009

Mad Mel Phlips: 'World softened up for its destruction'...

From Mad Mel Phlips' latest Spectator brain fart of Mon 19th 2009 (look it up, I'm not linking):

The Goldstone blood libel is part of the UNHRC’s strategy of delegitimising Israel to soften up the world for its eventual destruction.

A bit further down:

This shocking episode demonstrates with crystal clarity that in the great civilisational war now in progress, Britain is on the wrong side – as it has been in the Middle East, in fact, for the past nine decades.

...NINE decades!

Mad Mel Philps' 'worldview' in a nutshell:

1. The Best: Israel. The 'only democracy in the ME', the World's first 'bulwark against Islamofascism'. If 'she falls, we all fall'.

2. The West: mainly the US; wholesome, 'Judeo-Christian', apple pie, but NOT Obama. May include Europe if it slavishly follows the Best and the US's policies vis-à-vis the Rest.

3. The Rest: the UN, Britain, the Mooooslim world; mainly Islamonazis and their 'Dhimmi' supporters.


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