Friday, October 16, 2009

Modern Islamophobia in action...

Today I received an email from a certain Daryl Johnson (britbilton at yahoo dot com), inviting me to buy the latest Islamophobic brainfart:

FYI: I have written a new anti-Islamic ridiculing book. This book portrays Mohammad as the village idiot and town drunk of Mecca bent on shagging everything in town. In America the mainstream media does not want this book to inflame the rabble, so they boycott me via silence. I thought I would inform you and any help to publicize the book in the UK would be appreciated by me and detested by the mullahs (they are not very fun loving or forgiving & hate their prophet being mocked and insulted). We all fight the fight and I believe I have a talent for ridicule and vexation of our enemies. Thanks

Did you know that Mohammad was a perverted, drunken pimp who was " too stupid and incompetent to run a fig and cocoanut stand, never mind an army or religion"

The brand new book, available on, humorously slanders the purported early tenets of Islam. Many Islamic extremists and terrorists might not appreciate the lampooning of the religion (or the pictures of Fatima and Mohammad on the front and back covers of the book), but this book is a challenge to the extremist who seem to demand that American Freedom of Speech does not apply to them and that the world must kowtow to their brand of religion while they are free to trash all others.

How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All by Noor Barack

I looked up the book on Amazon and it does exist (current Sales Rank #427,460!) It's 236 pages of very wide print (about 30 lines per page!), 13 ounces of rain forest wasted on anyone but the most rabid Islamophobes... And at $19.95 it doesn't come cheap either...

Having taken a few glimpses inside, it's abundantly clear that Daryl Johnson/Noor Barack doesn't "have a talent for ridicule and vexation of our enemies" at all but that was already crystal clear from reading the email blurb.

And what's with the author's name? Is it Daryl Johnson? Is Noor Barack a pseudonym for Daryl Johnson? A bit further down the email was the following rather confusing bit of fine print:

Noor Barack, the author does wish to publicize the book; however the author must recognize that a Fatwa will be issued as soon as the book reaches the Terroristic Islamists and must have enhanced security. Therefore the author will receive email at for a short period. If one wishes to talk via telephone please email a telephone number of a specific person to be called. Thank you, also if the book's front cover did not transmit it can be easily seen at which is the only outlet currently selling "How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad's Daughter Tells It All.

Noor Barack "does not wish to publicize the book", but it's available in the world's largest bookstore nonetheless...

And choice of surname 'Barack': coincidence or pointing to the infantile mind of an American Conservative trying to connect this book to Barack Obama? By the extremely poor spelling, grammar and punctuation I'm inclined to believe the latter.

From what I gather from the first few pages the book isn't just Islamophobic, it's also deeply racist towards Arabs.


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