Monday, November 02, 2009

Give Settlements a Chance...

Obama having been railroaded by Netanyahu, the latter now feels sufficiently emboldened to insist on the completion of 3,000 'units' and he's got his pal Clintoooon to do the bidding for him:

JERUSALEM — Dealing a blow to the Obama administration’s efforts to restart Middle East peace talks, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton failed Saturday to persuade the Palestinian leader to accept an Israeli proposal that would slow but not stop the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, insisted that Israel must halt all construction of housing units before broader negotiations could begin. He rebuffed an Israeli proposal — developed by Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuSaeb Erekat, said after the meeting. and relayed by Mrs. Clinton — to complete about 3,000 units and temporarily freeze other construction, the chief Palestinian negotiator,

“This is a nonstarter,” Mr. Erekat said. “Mr. Netanyahu has a choice, settlements or peace, and he has chosen settlements.”

Dastardly 'Fakestinians', they don't want peace, they only want to drive the Zionists into the sea!

In the race for the Presidential nominations, Clintoooon scored high in Ha'aretz' 'who do you want as President for Occupied Washington?' surveys (primarily for her stance on an Undivided J'sem), now her popularity in Israel will undoubtedly soar again...


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