Saturday, December 12, 2009


A rather curious (guest) post at Harry's Place titled Sub Humans Commit An Appalling Crime, by Jonathan Hoffman commences:

The Times has no doubt about the identity of the sub-humans who torched the mosque at Kfar Yasuf. No right-minded person can fail to condemn this despicable crime:

[big snip]

The use of the term 'sub-humans' in both body and title of the post is a little puzzling. The most likely perpetrators of the crime are Zionist settlers but that's by the by. No matter how one feels about the attackers of the Kfar Yasuf mosque, to call them sub-human is far to Manichean for my liking. It's probably more accurate to consider the culprits as all too human: wrong and fallible certainly, but sub-human?

Hoffman then concludes:

The culprits must be found, tried and punished according to the law. Whoever they are, their agenda is to wreck the coalition led by Prime Minister Netanyahu. If this appalling crime goes unpunished then they may well succeed.

"[...] their agenda is to wreck the coalition led by Prime Minister Netanyahu." Really Jonathan, I think that's very debatable. That Netanyahu in all likelihood will have already condemned the crime doesn't change the fact that he strongly supports the settler agenda and that in some settler quarters this crime will not be considered the work of "sub-humans" but rather of heroes...

As with all things strange on Harry's Place, things usually get a whole lot stranger when you enter the comment section. High up is 'CookieCutter', a demonstrable and committed Islamophobe , who wades in with (at 12/10 2:38 pm):


Nazis called Jews “sub-humans”

Allah is said to have turned Jews into “apes & pigs”.

Now a guest poster at HP calls Jews “sub-human”.

Let’s have an open day on “sub-human” I think Islamic Terrorists are “sub-human”.

Why not call Muslims who express hate for Jews “sub-human”.

Palestinians who desecrated Rachels’ Tomb are “sub-human”.

Your use of the word “sub-human” is disgusting no matter what these ’settlers’ did. I know we all want to be on the right side of this and call desecration of a Mosque “disgusting” just as smearing of synagogues with Nazi and Islamist hate material is.

What’s this big upset about burning a Koran BTW? Its a book!!!

Is it because if I burn a Torah people will get upset but if I burn a Koran people want to kill me?

Of COURSE this is a nasty and viscious attack on a place of worship for which global condemnation is called-for. But the perpetrators are NOT “sub-humans”.



At 9:53 AM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

I don't really get why you find this post curious. I don't agree with everything he says in there, but I agree with the general tone. I wouldn't use the term "sub-humans", but what I would use wouldn't be much more positive.

The settler's agenda isn't to wreck this coalition, just to scare it enough so it won't dare to do anything not to the Jewish extremists' liking. On second thought, partially wrecking the coalition by replacing the Labor Party with the right wing parties that stayed in the opposition might also be a goal.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Gert said...

I think you don't know Jonathan Hoffman very well. Over at JSF Mark Elf aptly called him 'the anti-Zionists' favourite Zionist' (British context naturellement, although it's toss-up between him and Mad Mel Phlips). Ask yourself why we love him...


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