Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nick Cohen finds more anti-Semites!

The world is jam-packed full of them: the 'New anti-Semites' are everywhere in their new garb as 'anti-Zionists' and now top Eustonite Nick Cohen has just found a whole new batch of'em!

Here he is, the intrepid hero of the Neoliberal 'left', in The Guardian:

The fifth [enquiry] disappointment in a row will drive them closer to the edge. Sir Oliver Miles, former ambassador to Libya, has already predicted that the inquiry will be open to accusations of "whitewash" because two members of the Chilcott panel are Jews. He's not alone. I have had an allegedly left-wing journalist say the same to me. Once, he would never have allowed Jew obsessions to infect his thinking. Now, his battered mind was wide open to racial fantasies.

The mental deformations appeasement brings should not be underestimated. People don't just placate their enemies, but become them by adopting their ideological mannerisms and foibles. For years, we've had the notion that democracies are the "root cause" of every Islamist atrocity accepted in polite society. You must now prepare yourself for the return of the Jewish conspiracy theory to supposedly honourable discourse. Indeed, if you look around, you will find it is already there.

Needless to say, the 'allegedly left-wing journalist' goes unnamed, perhaps he doesn't have a name?

Now, you see Nick, I've got news for you: many Zionist Jews were indeed in favour of going to war against Iraq and Israel did indeed benefit from neutralising this perennial enemy. Does that make it an anti-Jewish conspiracy plot? Nick, you're a dangerous imbecile.

And guess what Nick, Mad Mel Phlipsy wholeheartedly agrees with you... Take a hint, Sir!

Bonus bit: as always with Phlipsy's Spectator column, the comments provide most of the comic relief:

Charlene Hale 19/01 2010 10:20 am

It never ceases to amaze me how our troops our coming back in body bags or horribly maimed for life, and yet to watch Question Time beggars belief. The amount of anti war rants etc on tv are astounding. I am sure a young child could join the dots and see that Britain and her media and liberal MP's etc are playing into the hands of the Islamic Calliphate [sic] in waiting, how the madman in Teheran must watch with glee and be emboldened. Such stupidity and lack of loyalty to Britain is beyond the pale. It is very disturbing, how long before we all have to wear the burkha?



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