Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday I/P tidbits...

1. Poll: 46% of Jewish Israeli high-schoolers don't want equality for Arabs (Ynet News). Small poll, shocking figures.

2. 'Mad Mel' Flips nails her colours to the mast:

Why? What have they [the Palestinians] done to deserve it [a state]? In what other conflict in the history of the planet have people who have waged a war of annihilation for eight decades and continue to do so been considered to ‘deserve’ anything, let alone an ‘independent’ existence the sole purpose of which is a military beach-head to finish the job and which would slice its victim in half?

To put it another way, why does Joe Biden think that Israel ‘deserves’ to surrender?

And why, once again, is a final solution being imposed by America upon democratic and beseiged Israel, while the administration of which Biden is such an ornament refuses to take any effective measures against the genocidal Iranian regime which is already responsible for countless American deaths and of which Israel is the present and potentially future victim, and which threatens the safety of the western world against which it has long declared war?

3. Conservative estimate: US aid to Israel (1949 - present date) about USD 108 billion: so much for making deserts bloom... (H/T Angry Arab)

4. Nutter 'Hawkeye', founding father of CiF Watch, tries to connect some antisemitic New York protesters to Comment is Free.

5. Marty 'Macho, Macho Man' Peretz on J'sem:

"I believe that the great rabbi in the skies has not instructed Israel to force history to stand still. So let me be direct: The Palestinians have only themselves to blame on Jerusalem, as on other disputed matters."

and on Obama's alleged neglect of the USA's Aryan friends:

"He is, as I have said a few times, a third worlder. We will see how America will do with our true friends sidelined. …it is increasingly clear that the president feels more connection to the Palestinians specifically and the Arabs generally than he does to the Israelis (and just possibly more connection to Muslims than to Jews, to Islam than to Judaism and Jewishness.)"


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

Re: the poll - I started writing a post about it, but then scrapped it because I just found the results of the poll too depressing.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Gert said...


What's depressing about it is that although the polled numbers are quite small (thus: large error margins) but some of these majorities quite stunning: say, 80 %, +/- say 15 %, is still pretty strong. And Ynet isn't exactly an anti-Zionist publication...

At 5:58 AM, Blogger Ernie Halfdram said...

As a matter of fact, a sample of 536 among a population of some 325,000 students in years 10-12, which I assume is roughly the population sampled, a sampling fraction of some 1:600, is not that small for an Israeli opinion poll. Polls of all adults typically, only interview between 500 and 1000 respondents. The OneVoice poll last year, for instance, only sampled 500. As I'm sure you're aware, these guys use sophisticated stratification and weighting to reduce sampling error and in sampling, there are diminishing returns, so that, say, doubling the sample size doesn't nearly halve the sampling error. Opinion polls in the US survey much smaller samples with a fraction of about 1:135,000.

Anyway, these results are consistent with other polls that have attempted to measure Israeli Jewish racism. One of the things I find frightening about it is that, while YNet doesn't mention it, the Ha'aretz report cites one Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal as complaining that 'Jewish youth have not internalized basic democratic values'. As if such values were something you'd expect children to absorb in a fundamentally racist society. Ha'aretz goes on to opine, 'The results paint a picture of youth leaning toward political philosophies that fall outside the mainstream'. But what from what I read, including in Ha'aretz, the attitudes are well within the mainstream.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Thanks Ernie, very informative indeed...


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