Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hoffman gets shopped, apologises...

The standing joke of British Zionism, BZF's Most Annoying Twit Jonathan Hoffman eats a bit of humble pie on occasion of the BZF/EDL 'joint' demo:

On my Jewish Chronicle blog I described a photograph taken on 14 August 2010 at the pro-Ahava demonstration as "fraudulent". I also wrote "That photo was Photoshopped' -- and it is bloody obvious that it was 'Photoshopped' I do not discuss but I do identify lies and fraudulent Photoshopped photos."

These statements were entirely without foundation and I had made no attempt to check their accuracy. I accept that the photo was absolutely genuine and had not been tampered with in any way. The photographer, David Hoffman, is a well known and respected photojournalist and I apologise to him unreservedly for my hasty and unfounded comments and for the distress and embarrassment caused.

..."entirely without foundation": a bit like Twitty himself.

Internet killed Israeli PR. Internet killed Israeli PR. Maybe. All together now: Ooh... Ohoh... Oooh

We are the Mavi Marmara...
You are the sloppy Hasbara...

H/T 'mostly harmless', a commenter at Richard Millett's, for Hoffie's latest omelet/face experience.


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