Thursday, February 24, 2011

Antisemitic trees go unpunished?

Lybia’s burning but the numpties of the British pro-Zionist Eustonite ‘Left’ have found a new flap to rally around: an attempt to take a Zionist wrecking ball to the British Greens on account of these not having a ‘policy on antisemitism’. The project is an undertaking by the usual coterie of ‘centre Leftish’ bloggers that gravitate around Engage online and the Brown Sauce (Harry’s place), battle stations manned by wankers like Modernity Blog, BobfromBrockley, Joseph W and quite a few others. Being a fairly closed circle they’ve clearly swarmed in on their prey like a bunch Internaut MLMers on the latest Tinkerwebs quasi legal ponzi-scheme.

Firstly one needs to ask oneself why the Greens need or want a policy on antisemitism (or even anti-racism) in the first place. Is it not so that as an organisation the Greens are simply bound to uphold British Law, including the multiple pieces of fine legislation combating racism, including antisemitism, in this country? My wife works as a manager in a ‘people-oriented’ organisation (I won’t specify – with somewhat dangerous nutters like Modernity Blog (Modders) around that would be foolish) that voluntarily provides Government supplied work place courses like ‘Equality and Diversity’ to its employees, yet it has no explicit policy on antisemitism. Wrong you say? On what grounds?

And this is where it turns out that this whole non-issue regarding the Greens isn’t that new but rather dates back a little. The Greens you see, like any other self-respecting party or person would, had been making ‘funny noises about Israel’, to sligthly paraphrase the words from the sperm cell of the outfit, the self-proclaimed philosemite nutter from ‘Oy va Goy!’ And ‘funny noises about Israel’, we can’t have that now can we? In Modders’ book he famously wrote: ‘in anti-Zionism, Zionism is code for Jews’ (one has to admire, if nothing more, his candour).

This is where the mini saga begins: with an attempt to make the Greens more ‘Israel friendly’ by means of the sledgehammer of the antisemitism charge. Explains briefly Deborah Fink in the comment section of JsF:

Given what is happening in the Green Party, Richard's piece is very timely. Greens Engage (yes, the Green off-shoot of Engage), had for some time, been making constant allegations of anti-semitism to Green Party members, including Caroline Lucas, attacking them publicly and leaking internal documents, no doubt to restrict criticism of and action against, Israel. Then I came along......

Meanwhile, after putting a lot of pressure on the party, a body within the party, drafted a statement on anti-Semitism which was not yet ready, but leaked by Greens Engage.. Unfortunately, it was written by 2 people who are not up on the issues, and they had incorporated the EUMC definition into it. Those of us who are up on the issues, including several Jewish members, were up in arms. I then proposed a motion at our London meeting, that our representatives on this committee would vote against this statement and it was passed and then at their meeting, it was voted against. This is why Greens Engage is so angry and why Toby Green has resigned. Good riddance, I say!
(For ‘Richard’ and the ‘EUMC definition’, please consult this link (scroll to above the fold) which also contains the above comment)

For now the small armada of Brit Zionet bloggers and fellow travellers can claim victory: a certain Toby Green (who?) has resigned from the party with a long and rambling
and in parts quite disgusting goodbye piece. The Greens, politically quite inept on account of never having seen any serious political limelight, have basically been conned and had. But sadly for Hirsh, Bob f.B., Modders et al, this is a tree that falls in a forest only inhabited by them and them only. Unfortunately their pseudo-intellectual masturbatory practices will continue to stain the sheets of the Tinkerwebs…


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