Saturday, February 05, 2011

Simply Snotty…

Snotty the goon, critically under-medicated member of a gang of one, is stuck in ‘islamist mode’. ‘Zionists freaking out’ as As’ad AbuKhalil is now fond of saying…

And then my next sortie, this one to Terry ‘I heart Jason Kenny’ Glavin. Not much about the revolution there (not ‘true left’ enough for Terry, I’m guessing…) but Snotty wades in with:

"Leave, leave you traitor, you sold your country to Israel"

You may be sure that if Angry Arab is supportive of this revolution, the results will be Hamas-like.

It is the unfortunate fate of the Arab upheavals that democracy doesn't grow out of them.

But of course, I wish to be mistaken.

Had Snotty actually read As’ad AbuKhalil (I do religiously) he would know that As’ad is totally opposed TMBH and not keen on Hamas either.

There follows then a discussion where commenter ‘Brad’ eventually gets his comments deleted by Uncle Terry to make way for 'Vildechaye’s' ‘Israel uber alles’ approach. Not a word of abuse, racism, anti-Semitism or anything like that from Brad’s side, by the way. Alas, t’is the way over at neoliberal Glavin’s blog. I was once ‘Brad’… Ask for proof…


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