Sunday, December 25, 2011

Modernity Blog: Good Riddance!

Tidings of joy (may be there is a G-d after all)! Belatedly news reaches these shores that Modernity blog (“Modders, you plonker!”) has gone into what will hopefully be permanent hibernation. This twit, who repeatedly called me and anti-Semite and fascist (this on the grounds that Mr Semitophilic believes that in ‘anti-Zionism’, Zionism stands for ‘Jooooos’) has decided to call it a day, blogging wise.

To his credit, this faux-leftist ended his short-lived contribution to the Zioprop blog ‘CiFWatch’ (by ‘Hawkeye’) after about one fart and stopped commenting on the increasingly right wing blog, the Brown Sauce (‘Harry’s Place’, the now Washington based outfit run by
David S. Toube - moneyed lawyer to the seriously financially comfortable) not so long ago. Neither of these publications appears on the blogroll of the final version of ‘Modernity blog’, nor on the list of stuff he claims he’ll still be reading.

Always one for fiercely protecting his own privacy but without any qualms about libelling/slandering those willing to fight with an open visor, by means of endless internet linkages, Moddy was your ultimate tinkerwebs hypocrite. With his and his Israeli firster comrades’ capability of ‘deep searching’, Modders would have been capable of linking David Cameron to
‘Lady’ Renouf, if it suited him.

You will not be missed, Moddy, at least not by me, and Christmas has just gotten a lot better. Cheers Modders, Merry Christmas, mate!


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