Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jonafun Hoffman exceeds himself…

Apparently Jenny Tonge, not exactly the sharpest tool in the pro-Palestinian shed, spoke about I/P in the House of Commons last night. Jonafun Hoffman, indefatigable fighter of anti-Zionism, erm… antisemitism, one who gets about and member of the Jewish Inquisition, was there to monitor proceedings. His faithful stenographer Richard ‘I’m not a Zionist’ Millett trolled along to take notes.

From Millett’s report:

And she spoke about why she thinks she comes in for such heavy criticism and put this down to the fact that she stands up for the Palestinians and criticises Israel. The latter, she thinks, is viewed as being anti-Semitic.

When challenged by Jonathan Hoffman to give an example of when criticism of Israel has been called anti-Semitic she said she could give “many examples”, but failed to come through with even one.

Hoffman asking to “give an example of when criticism of Israel has been called anti-Semitic”... The mind seriously boggles… Still, Hoffman’s amazing curveball, deployed together with the Inquisition’s chief weapon - the element of surprise [Classic Python], would definitely have left me with a mouth full of dangling teeth too!

Hoffman and friends: to his left is Roberta Moore, head honcho and Jewish thug-in-Chief of the ‘Jewish wing of the EDL’ and occasional commenter at Richard Millett:


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