Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Third Intifada?

Snotzies from the AOF pointing loaded guns at Palestinians protesting Apartheid in the West Bank:

This video was taken outside Jericho as Israeli Soldiers banned Palestinians to drive their cars in the west banks with National flags attached atop of the cars.

This Palestinian woman was arrested for driving on Israel's apartheid roads today:

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At 8:34 AM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

Snotzies?!? If that's supposed to sound like Nazis then you're way out of line, making a baseless comparison.

The soldiers aren't responsible for the government's policy in the West Bank. They're just doing their job, and doing it quite well in this video. They're acting with restraint. They have guns, yes, but I don't see that they're pointing them at anyone or being violent.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Daniel Marks said...

Gosh! You must know more about guns than I do Gert.

How the devil could you tell that they were loaded? Usually IDF soldiers carry uncocked rifles with full magazines.

I was also unable to see anyone pointing a gun at him. The road, which is few kilometers from my house, is completely open to Jew and Arab alike 24 hours a day. There are checkpoints which normally ask to see the driver's ID card and sometimes the passengers'. Occasionally the check in the boot too. The inspection takes about 20 seconds and I witness it regularly.

Naturally, nobody enjoys such necessary security checks, especially not the soldiers. Checkpoint duty is boring and anyone who can avoids it. I collectively must have spent about three months doing such duties.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Gert said...


”They're just doing their job, […]”

Funny that: that’s just what the Nazis said too!


”I was also unable to see anyone pointing a gun at him.”

Of course. Palestinians always lie: we know that!

”Naturally, nobody enjoys such necessary security checks, especially not the soldiers.”

Of course not: blame the victims for the aggression of the oppressor! That really sums up Zionism, in a nutshell.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Gert said...


Just in case I didn’t make myself clear or either of you wished to continue this ‘discussion’:

As far as I’m concerned the Palestinians would have my full blessing if they managed to stick these w*nkers’ guns up their *rses and throw their sorry behinds back over your beloved Apartheid wall. Preferably without hurting a hair on their heads. The painful pooper would serve as reminder for a few days of what a pain in the arse it must be to live under military occupation by you fucking Zionists!

Got it now???

At 1:01 AM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

"Funny that: that’s just what the Nazis said too!"

Gert, I've seen it coming for years, as you gradually moved from legitimate criticism of Israel to blind anti-Zionist hatred. Now you've come to compare blocking a road to the murder of millions. It's very disturbing that you don't understand how vile, shameful and baseless such a comparison is.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger Daniel Marks said...

Eloquent as ever,Gert. How proud your readers must be!

Hi Manny!

As Gert's other reader, you must be glowing.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Gert said...


You really make me laugh.

For one, I used a very mild abusive term and did not compare your snotty soldiers to mass murderers. But any Nazi comparison (which I usually strenuously avoid for good reasons) is more apt than you might think, BTW. You might also want to berate your fellow citizens in t’shitty country: they seem all TOO KEEN to deploy Nazi analogies, including against each other!

But let me tell you a little story. When my father was about 10, the Nazis occupied his home town of Antwerp. He told me much later that he felt immediate and visceral hatred for these soldiers (bear in mind he was only 10!) That occupation lasted about 4 years. The occupation of the WB will soon be in it’s forty-fifth year (11 times longer), yet you come here with your fake sanctimoniousness telling me what I can or cannot call those actively involved in maintaining this occupation?!?! Which is done in YOUR name while you enjoy all mod cons on land that didn’t even belong to you to begin with? Zionism is bad for Palestinians but it’s bad for Jews too: it makes you lose your marbles…

As regards ‘blindly hating Zionism’? Wrong again. I hate it with my eyes wide open and all other senses on full alert. Please don’t make me produce a long list of grievances, you’d regret it and it would be more time I’d never get back. In short, Zionism stands for just about EVERYTHING I DON’T stand for.


I suppose the near trillion syllables of abuse in the form of hours and hours and page after page you and your religious nutcase friends dedicated to me over at Millett’s, a bit later also at a short-lived purely abusive blog of yours (did Wordpress shut it down? That seems likely to me!) were worth reading for Millett’s audience, right?

Danny, you’re so dumb it’s hard to put into words… Any more irrelevant fluff of yours will be deleted without hesitation, capisce? Address points and it will be allowed to stand. Not sure why I still want to waste time on you: if you feel ‘Chosen’ then that’s one more reason not to believe in G-d, as far as I’m concerned.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Gert said...


This is the last comment of yours I’ll partly publish here, minus the corner shop psychology and ad hominem nonsense (I tolerate ad hom, but only from those who don’t try and overdose on it, like you do).

”If you wish to discuss such questions as you have raised do so on Millett's blog. I'll be delighted to crush you (metaphorically) as usual. Frankly, you're not really in my class and that's neither racism or my being "chosen". It's just that as you've learned more times than you care to remember, you have neither the knowledge nor the intellectual skills required.”

No, I don’t wish to further discuss your ‘pro status quo’ position any further: it’s crystal clear despite your attempts at evasion.

People who talk about ‘not in my class’ are petty souls, something you show so amply wherever you go. The ‘knowledge’ you speak of I’ve seen at work at Millett’s: you deploy an old, very pro-Zionist version of what Zionism did (and what it does today). You were taught this when you were very little (‘The Standard Zionist Mythology of Israel and The Universe’) and have never looked outside of it since. Hence our differences. See also the next paragraph:

”There are plenty of very good anti-Israel propagandists like Dubitante and Greenstein, you just don't happen to be one of them. You're okay at cutting and pasting, but debate requires the ability to react to what your opponent has said, to think and to create - that's where you always come unstuck. “

Tony Greenstein? HAHAHAHAH HAHAAHHAH AHAHAHA HHAHHAHAHH HAHAHAHAHHAHHA HHHAHAAH. Don’t make me piss myself again!!!! You’ve ‘debated’ TG ONCE on an esoteric religious topic, nothing to do with TG’s main theme. I suggest you try and do the same on ANYTHING Zionist, anti-Zionist, Israel, Palestine or even socialism for that matter. Permission to drop me a line when you do: I’d love to see it!

”I've told you here I just trash talk. Delete as you feel fit.”

And I’ve told you umpteen times I don’t do ‘trash talk’. You’re like an old woman: always cackling on and on about things that aren’t of any interest to anyone except to your debilitating friends.

This blog has now two reasons for comment moderation: The Sentinel (a vicious racist, anti-Semite, homophobe, white-supremacist type) and you. Hope you feel in good company: few people in my long years of blogging have proved themselves such a pain in the backside. Well done if that was your purpose!

You’re living proof that antisemitism makes no sense: each group has its quota of arseholes; you just exist to make up the numbers in your own group.


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