Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Shocker! Zionist Mouthpiece thinks Hamas might be ‘moderating’!

Stop the presses! A pro-Israel Interwebs publication runs a story about possibly more moderate stances by Hamas (I wouldn’t want to be the JTA’s inbox or editor-in-chief, right now!) Never a dull moment with Zionism…

Are conservatives generally just a bit slow or what is going on here? After missing a monumental opportunity to further politicise this movement (by boycotting their election victory), Hamas has been making noises about ‘two states on 1967 borders’ and ‘long term Hudna (religiously based truce) with Israel’ for at least four years now. Not that anyone deemed it necessary to listen. Because we don't talk to terrrrrrists. Instead we talk to twits like Tony Blair.

And a Unity deal with Fatah, long in the making, now seems to have been sealed too. Meanwhile Israel’s man of peace (no, wait, that was Ariel Sharon!), Netanyahu? Well, his reaction has been characteristic. Too much time to build, too little time to talk.

As the old Jackie Mason joke goes: “Sharon’s a man of peace. You don’t believe me? It’s true. He’s gonna give all of the West Bank back. ALL of it. Just not right now, because it’s all in his wife’s name…”


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