Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Syrian Casualties and Chickenshit Zios…

At the lowest rungs of Interwebs Zionism, the Syrian ongoing uprising and the brutal suppression of it by the Assad ‘regime’ is gefundenes fressen for their ongoing project of diminishing/denying Zionism’s past and present crimes, colonialism and disregard for international law, human rights and UN resolutions. It’s a rather transparent ‘we’re bad but look at them and why pick on us?’ kind of ploy.

The estimated death toll after about a year of Syrian butchery is about 5,000, indisputably a gruesome number and with no immediate end in sight to the ‘civil war’.

But the ‘how about’ chickenshit Zios of the “Richard Millett” or “Elder of Ziyon” variety rather conveniently forget
Lebanon I, so how about this:

It is estimated that around 17,825 Lebanese were killed during the first year of the war, with differing estimates of the proportion of civilians killed. This number of civilian casualties is not the total number of civilian casualties from 1982-2000. Beirut newspaper An Nahar estimated that 5,515 people, both military and civilian, were killed in the Beirut area alone during the conflict, while 9,797 Syrian soldiers, PLO fighters, and other forces aligned with the PLO, as well as 2,513 civilians were killed outside of the Beirut area. Approximately 675 Israeli soldiers were killed.

Samuel Katz and Lee E Russell in their book Armies in Lebanon 1982-84 puts the casualties as follows:

• Israel - 368 dead and 2,383 wounded
• PLO - 1,500 dead and an unknown amount wounded plus around 8,000 captured
• Syria - 1,200 dead and around 3,000 wounded plus 296 captured
Lebanon - civilians 17,825 dead and around 30,000 wounded.
• Foreigners - 1800 foreigners from 26 countries on five continents, allegedly training in the Ein el Hilweh refugee camp near Sidon, were captured.

They also state that the extensive PLO political and military infrastructure in Lebanon, which had taken 15 years to build, had been destroyed.

Lebanese estimates, compiled from International Red Cross sources and police and hospital surveys, calculated that 17,825 Lebanese had died and over 30,000 had been wounded. [all emph. is mine]

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Inspiration: Angry Arab


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