Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Prize for the most hysterical post-Toulouse article goes to?

[Drumroll…] Ynetnews! With Yigal Walt’s ‘The day Europe died’!

I landed on it via Mondoweiss with another one of Ynet’s shockers as a stopgap, this one by Giulio Meotti, an article that shamelessly touts a title that today’s worst antisemites would shy away from: A Jew-free Europe.

There, a prominently featured link anchored as ‘The day Europe died’ caught my eye. It’s well worth a read for a few belly laughs [really??], to savour the shrilly ‘Eurabia’ kvetch, reference to alleged circularity of Europe’s history and hyperbolic long term tea leaf readings of European Jewish demographics.

Yigal’s piece starts off with the same silliness it intends to continue with:
Monday, March 19th will be remembered as a dark day for Europe. That day, it crossed the “point of no return,” as long years of political correctness and currying favor with the Arab world prompted the final burial of the continent’s liberal discourse, which has become a twisted, meaningless absurdity.

Lemmesee, a Muslim extremist, acting on his own and apparently largely unconnected to but perhaps inspired by al Qaeda, goes on a killing spree in Toulouse leaving 7 dead including 4 Jews and it’s the day this continent crossed a “point of no return’???

He then finishes off his chef d’oeuvre with more extremist histrionics:
All that remains now is to watch the deterioration of the “old continent” into a new, murky horizon. On the one hand, Islamization trends are expected to grow, while on the other hand, radical nationalistic parties will continue to gain strength. Europe of the late 20th Century, which vowed to uphold the banner of tolerance and liberalism, will slowly turn into a chaotic, angry region where various groups are fighting each other while shunning genuine moral values.

In any case, Ms. Ashton need not apologize for or clarify her remarks. After all, her words accurately reflected the mood of her decayed, dying continent.

The author should perhaps reflect not only on the rise of Far Right religionationalistic forces in the Holy Land but also on the fact that Europe’s Far Right parties, with perhaps the sole exception of Hungary’s Jobbik, have all traded in their trademark antisemitism for Muslim bashing and that they now all support Israel. Yes, the fomenters of ethnic strife in Europe, the anti-immigration nutters, the anti-‘multicultis’ prop up Israel. They must be chuffed with such grubby support.

All in all Mad Mel Phlipps would possible have expressed herself with slightly more reserve than Yigal Walt (although as it so happens she didn’t but enough gutter ‘journalism’ for one day…)


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