Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Beauty of Zionism…

Source - JPost:

Peace Now filed a complaint with police on Tuesday morning after death threats were made against director Yariv Oppenheimer the night before.

According to the organization, an anonymous caller phoned the Peace Now office in Tel Aviv and asked Oppenheimer’s age, adding: “We hope he’ll finish the year, or not. I hope not, and if steps need to be taken to ensure this, we will do so.”

On Tuesday the organization posted a note on their Facebook page saying that the incident represented the latest in a series of “serious, dangerous threats made against Peace Now” and called on the public to condemn such “acts of incitement against the left-wing in Israel.”

In February, unknown assailants sprayed “No leftists, no terror attacks” on the fence outside of the organization’s office in Jerusalem.

In perhaps the most famous such incident across the organization in recent years, in November vandals sprayed “price tag” graffiti on the stairwell of a home belonging to Peace Now activist Hagit Ofran’s in

The graffiti included the messages “Hagit Ofran, RIP” and “Hagit Ofran, Rabin is waiting for you.”

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