Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun with ‘Sarah AB’ (Brown Sauce)!

Her Fragrance has another hooter up. Over at the ‘leftish’ equivalent of the EDL’s newsletter, a well meaning but obviously not-too-smart Palestinian by the name of Mahmoud Jabari has been wheeled out. Mahmoud has qualities that the Brown Sauce appreciates in brownish Gentiles, you see. Not only is he dumb enough to understand that six says in Israeli detention for doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G was hunky dory because ”it was a tricky situation” but more usefully he "is most certainly willing to criticise many Palestinian actions in the strongest terms”.

Funnily enough, criticising many Israeli actions in the strongest terms is decidedly off the menu of that dog’s dinner called ‘Harry’s Place’ (hurry up, Harry and cram some more racism in!)

As always, more hilarity is provided by Harry’s sewage-like appendages, the ‘comments’ thread. High up ‘Dvar Dea’ (an Israeli Zionist, no doubt, going by his blog) who proclaims unflinchingly: “I’ve listened to him. I am not convinced he means to do well. I will continue to listen to him” (I guess the latter’s comforting). Not one of the Tribe, Dvar?

Sarah, how do you sleep at night, surely it can’t just be the Horlicks? Share that secret recipe with all those insomniacs out there and truly do some good for once!

Oh, little update, chimes in uberharryite, the ‘liberal’ Gene Zitver, in the comments:

Thanks for that, Sarah. Mahmoud is a very impressive young man. I hope some of his attitude reflects that of other young Palestinians and seeps into the Palestinian political leadership.

It’s a sad sign of the times that some here doubt his sincerity.
About Israel's wonderfully fascistoid leadership? Mum. 


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