Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mitt Romney and Chums

Yesterday we had Pretzeldential candidate Mitt Romney apparently beating Obama to offering his eulogy a propos the demise of Benzion Netanyahu:

I extend my sincere condolences to the family of Benzion Netanyahu. Not only was he the father of my friend Benjamin, the Prime Minister of Israel, and the father of Israel’s hero of the Entebbe raid, Yonatan Netanyahu, he was also a distinguished historian and leader in his own right.

Really, Mitt? Cos’ now we know also what a charming fellow Benzion really was, thanks to Larry Derfner.  Excerpt from an interview of Benzion Netanyahu by Maariv (there’s more, follow the link):

Q: You don’t like the Arabs, to say the least.

A: The Bible finds no worse image than that of the man from the desert. And why? Because he has no respect for any law. Because in the desert he can do as he pleases. The tendency toward conflict is in the essence of the Arab. He is an enemy by essence. His personality won’t allow him any compromise or agreement. It doesn’t matter what kind of resistance he will meet, what price he will pay. His existence is one of perpetual war.

One cannot but wonder whether the apple fell all that far from the tree…


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