Wednesday, October 24, 2012

File under: ‘Does he really, really (no, I mean REALLY!) love Israel?’

Amusing exchange here at HP’s dungeons: ‘Dcook’ takes umbrage with a quote attributed to Obama:

“[…] because it is a true friend and our greatest ally in the region.”

He retorts:

Israel is really grateful to Obama for the UPGRADE!

Previous Obama said “One of our closest allies in the Middle East” This reminds me of “Jerusalem is Israel’s capital” before his election vs the administration refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital post election. Obama has a track record, therefore, of saying something positive about Israel BEFORE an election and doing/saying something else after.

You would forgive some people if they don’t trust Obama on Israel.
Can anyone really be trusted on Israel (I mean REALLY)? Not by ‘Dcook’, now in response to another quote:
Obama will be considered a world class failure by History if Iran gets a nuke.

Israel: KABOOM! Obama: “OK, so I screwed up”

Sorry is the hardest word – especially when there is no-one left alive to hear.
Responding to yet another challenger, ‘Dcook’ pulls no punches:

Challenger: Also DocMartyn, I don’t see a single foreign policy decision on Obama’s part to suggest a discomfort with Zionism.

You are fuckin’ joking!!!

Where is the centre, the focal point of “Zionism”. Its [sic] Jerusalem. Its [sic] the many thousand year-old prayer “Next Year In Jerusalem”.

Obviously that means a Jewish State of Israel and its capital city, Jerusalem. Obama even acknowledged it when he visited Sderot and said “Jerusalem, Israel’s ancient capital and will always be Israel’s capital”. At AIPAC before the election Democratic primary he said “Jerusalem, Israel’s undivided capital”. Once the liar became President his administration refused to say “Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city”. The administration removed the caption “Jerusalem, Israel’s capital” from photos of Biden in Jerusalem. At the Democratic Convention they removed “Jerusalem, Israel’s capital” from the platform slogans. It was voted back in.

Don’t insult our intelligence and try and tell us that Obama doesn’t have a discomfort with Zionism and Israel.
You wonder what precisely one would have to achieve, how deeply and sincerely one would have to genuflect before AIPAC’s altar, so that ‘Dcook’ wouldn’t detect any… ahem… ‘discomfort with Zionism and Israel’… All out war against Iran perhaps… but REALLY, REALLY thoroughly!


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