Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mendacious ‘Sarah AB’ (Harry’s Place) is at it again…

Her Fragrance, contributor to Harry’s Place Sarah Annes Brown, just can’t help herself. In an otherwise reasonable and interesting post, crack pot ‘renegade Jihadist’ Kamal Saleem is compared to jazz player, wandering antisemite and general nutjob Gilad Atzmon and anti-Zionism is then dragged by the hair and into the post:
We’ve already heard about Kamal Saleem here. He’s the one who claims to be an ex-jihadist and whose terrible revelations of what Islam has in store for the US are lapped up by some on the right in much the same way as Atzmon’s assertions about Israel and ‘Jewish politics’ are by antisemites anti-zionists on the left.
You’ve to love the cross out type font used on ‘antisemites’: wink wink, nudge nudge! The implication remains clear: criticism of Zionism equates antisemitism.

And yet Sarah AB, unless she’s a complete imbecile (I don’t get that impression) knows very well that the Atzmonites are only a very small part of the anti-Zionist movement, excoriated and despised by the vast majority of us, left or right for that matter (of course HP, once a leftish outfit, nowadays has form when it comes to broad sweeping generalisations about ‘ the Left’). That Atzmon and some of his more moronic followers (see deLiberation for endless fun with Atzmonites) have in fact declared war on much of the anti-Zionist movement, reserving often special ire for Jewish anti-Zionists, she will also be aware of. And unless she lives on another planet (I get that impression) she’ll know to what length the anti-Zionist/Palestinian solidarity movement goes to, to spit out any manifestations of racism in their ranks (see also the recent Greta Berlin kerfuffle and statements in reaction to it by Ali Abunimah, Mondoweiss and many others).

But Sarah AB, Harry’s Place and much of mainstream Zionism are far more interested in using the AS word as a smear than actually combating racism of whatever kind. Mendacious indeed...

As always Harry’s Place's open sewers passing for comment threads rarely fail to amuse. Here’s ‘Trundlemaster’ (16 October 2012, 8:29 am) being insightful [cough]:

People like Saleem damage the anti jihadist cause and taint it. Yes there is Islamic infiltration into party politics and the organs of the state but there are ways of expressing these facts without exaggerating them so you get tagged as a complete fraggle.
Exaggerators [sic] are bad for politics even when they appear to be on your side. I’ve seen the short film about Saleems life and it just looked like the standard ‘born again’ Christian tale to me but with added ex Islam angles.
There are ex muslims out there who will tell the truth about Islam I treat their testimony with far more trust than I trusted Saleem when I first came across him.
‘Islamic infiltration’ (he means American Muslim politicians, of course), ‘ex muslims who will tell the truth about Islam’: Kamal, eat your heart out, this guy ‘tells it like it is’…

It’s the lack of opposition that the ‘Trudlemasters’ of HP enjoy that’s the most telling of all.


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Sarah AB
23 October 2012, 7:15 pm
Good post. I always find Gideon Levy extraordinarily annoying.

Because she can't call him a racist for calling Israel an apartheid state? She doesn't appear to have anything else to say, apart from approving of a very weak post from Alan Johnson - Israelis don't want to be swamped by Arabs, so they can't be racist.http://hurryupharry.org/2012/10/23/do-israelis-really-want-to-live-in-an-apartheid-state/

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Two ‘surprises’ for the price of one:

• Sarah AB doesn’t like Levy
• HP has found someone to try and diminish the poll in question.



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